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The Avery Point Lighthouse Society (APLS)

P.O. Box 1552
Groton, CT 06340
(860) 445-5417

The Avery Point Lighthouse Society was formed in February 2000 with the goal of saving, restoring, relighting and functionally maintaining the Avery Point Lighthouse located on the University of Connecticut's Avery Point campus in Groton, Connecticut. The Society is a Chapter of the American Lighthouse Foundation (ALF) of Wells, Maine. We are a nonprofit organization comprised of ordinary citizens from southeastern Connecticut who are working closely with representatives of the University of Connecticut and staff members of ALF toward the common goal of saving, restoring and relighting the Avery Point Lighthouse.

Lack of maintenance as well as exposure to weather throughout the years has caused significant damage and deterioration to the lighthouse (Click Here for Picture) . Complete restoration will have to be completed to bring it back to it's original condition.


The Avery Point Lighthouse Society is continuing its exciting fundraising program called "Brick 'buy' Brick You Can Help Save a Lighthouse". All of you lighthouse lovers and supporters now have a chance to purchase and personalize a memorial brick that will become a permanent part of the landscaped walkway and apron around the lighthouse. All profits go directly toward the restoration and relighting of the Avery Point Lighthouse, the only lighthouse reported to have been built as a memorial to all other lighthouses and light keepers.

Don't miss this special opportunity to dedicate a special brick or to remember loved ones with a personalized brick. They make excellent gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and memorials.

A "Certificate of Participation" will be issued immediately upon receipt of your brick order. For a copy of the order form (Click Here)

Updates and Items of Interest


  1. On December 4, 2001, the first major, and most visible phase of the lighthouse restoration project took place. After more than one week of preparation the wooden lantern room was removed from the cement block structure of the lighthouse and then transported to a special storage area on the University of Connecticut's Avery Point Campus.

    A special cradle was constructed around the lantern room to not only facilitate lifting and removing it from the base structure, but more importantly, to prevent any damage to the structure.

    Mattern Construction, Inc. of Baltic CT was contracted by the University of Connecticut [and APLS] to prepare the lantern room for removal and Marino Crane, Inc. of Middletown, CT performed the delicate lift. Both companies agreed to provide the necessary services "at cost". (Click Here for Picture 1) (Click Here for Picture 2)

    (Click Here News Article Part A)

    (Click Here News Article Part B)

    Once removed from the main structure, the lantern room was placed on a flatbed truck provided by Drab Concrete Company of Groton, CT and transported to the new Marine Science Program Building on the Avery Point Campus. Inside space is being provided by the Marine Sciences Program so as to facilitate construction of a duplicate lantern room by the West Mystic Wooden Boat Building Company of West Mystic, CT. That company, which is owned and operated by Steve Jones, a professor at the Avery Point Campus, has offered to duplicate a new lantern room as an "in kind" donation. Construction of the new room is expected to be completed by September of this year.


  3. In May of last year, APLS contracted with Public Archaeology Survey Team, Inc. (PASTI), an archaeological and historical research services consultant company from Storrs, CT, to prepare the appropriate documentation necessary to nominate the lighthouse for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places.

    In November, PASTI completed and submitted the nomination to the Connecticut Historical Commission (CHC), which must review and approve the nomination before it is forwarded to the United States Department of Interior , National Park Service for final approval. CHC has placed the nomination onto their public hearing agenda to be held in June of this year.

    Support letters for placing the structure onto the National Register of Historic Places have been submitted to the CHC by local, State and Federal governmental officials as well as various local historic commissions and organizations. Anyone interested in writing a letter of support is encouraged to do so. All letters will be reviewed and considered by the CHC and then forward to the Department of Interior, if the nomination is approved on the state level. Address all letters to Mr. John W. Shannahan, Director, Connecticut Historical Commission, 59 South Prospect St., Hartford, CT 06106. APLS would appreciate receiving copies of any letters forwarded to the CHC; Please forward copies of any letter(s) to APLS, P.O. Box 1552, Groton, CT.


  5. On January 25th, The Connecticut State Bond Commission approved a $150,000 grant to be used in the restoration of the Avery Point Lighthouse. Southeastern Connecticut State Representatives Lenny Winkler and Andrea Stillman were instrumental in having the bonds approved for inclusion in the legislative bond package back in June of last year.

    In a press release Governor John G. Rowland, who chairs the State Bond Commission, stated, "This picturesque lighthouse is one of Connecticut's treasures." and "This grant will help restore one of our historic landmarks to its original glory.".

    Although this grant contributes immeasurably to the restoration, it is estimated that additional funding in excess of $150,000 will be needed to complete the project and insure appropriate maintenance and upkeep in the future. Thus, APLS fundraising efforts will continue and your financial support is requested. (Click Here for News Artical)


  7. APLS continues to work with United States Representative Rob Simmons from the 2nd District in Connecticut in pursuing a bill he introduced in the House of Representatives directing the Secretary of Interior to provide monies for the restoration effort. On July 17, 2001, Congressman Simmons, Groton Town Mayor 'Dee' Hauber and APLS Co-Chairman Jim Streeter provided testimony before the United States House of Representatives Sub-Committee on National Parks, Recreation and Public Lands requesting support and approval of funding.

    Letters supporting this effort should be forwarded to Representative Rob Simmons, 511 Gannon Building, Washington, DC 20515. Please forward a copy of any letter you may generate to APLS at P.O. Box 1552, Groton, CT 06340.


  9. Membership in the Avery Point Lighthouse Society now exceeds over one hundred and fifty (150). Membership in the organization is very critical to the restoration effort and to the organization. There are different levels of membership to make it affordable for all those who have an interest in saving, restoring and relighting this structure. We invite you to join and become an important asset of this historic and significant venture. All monies from membership dues are tax deductible and go directly toward the restoration effort. (click here for a membership application) .

  11. The drive in obtaining signatures on petitions supporting the saving, restoring and relighting of the Avery Point Lighthouse is continuing. Thanks to the help and hard work of many individuals and partner organizations, well over 14,000 signatures have been obtained. This is a tremendous achievement considering the fact that the petition drive began in the middle of July last year. The petitions will be helpful in obtaining Federal and State funding and/or grants for the restoration and future upkeep.

    If you would like to assist in obtaining signatures on petitions please print a copy of the APLS petition appearing on the web site (Click Here). Please return completed petitions to the APLS Post Office address. Your assistance and support is greatly appreciated.


  13. APLS has received a black and white photograph of the lighthouse from the National Archives, which is believed to have been taken just after it was built (Click Here for Photo) . This is what the L/H will look like after restoration.

  15. The engineering company of Gibble, Norden, Champion, Brown of Old Saybrook, CT is working closely with engineering officials from the University of Connecticut in developing a proposed construction time line and more detailed cost estimates for the lighthouse restoration. APLS will be kept closely advised of the schedule and costs and will also be asked for input on specific projects included in the restoration which might effect future public access. Information relating to these updates will be passed along in this web site as soon as they are received.

  17. A "Lighthouse Benefit Concert" was held in November at the University of Connecticut Avery Point campus theater. The benefit, which was hosted by campus instructors and students, raised in excess of $500 for the lighthouse restoration effort

  19. A sculptured model of the Avery Point Lighthouse has been produced by Spoontiques Collectibles. This wonderfully designed model is being sold by APLS as part of its ongoing efforts to raise monies for the restoration project. (Click Here for Pictures) You can now purchase this model for the modest price of $15.00 (plus shipping) by going to the merchandise section of this web site.

  21. Feature articles about the efforts to restore and relight the Avery Point Lighthouse appeared in December 2001 and January 2002 issues of the "Lighthouse Digest. The "Lighthouse Digest" is an international magazine about lighthouses and is a must for lighthouse lovers and enthusiasts. The "Lighthouse Digest" has a special offer wherein if you use the special subscription application form included in this web site (Click Here Application) , you will received a special subscription rate of $28.00 for 1 year (12 issues) and by doing so the "Lighthouse Digest" will donate $10.00 to the Avery Point Lighthouse Society " which will go directly towards the restoration of the Avery Point Lighthouse. This is a "WIN " WIN" situation for you and APLS so please mail the subscription form to "LIGHTHOUSE DIGEST", PO BOX 1690, WELLS, ME 04090-0059. You can also visit the "Lighthouse Digest" web site by going to

    Look in December and January issues for articles relating to Avery Point


Upcoming Events


  1. World renowned forensic science expert Dr. Henry C. Lee has generously agreed to be the special speaker at a "wine and cheese" fundraiser event for the Avery Point Lighthouse on May 16, 2002. The fundraising event, which is being co-hosted by the University of Connecticut and the Avery Point Lighthouse Society and will be held at the Groton Motor Inn, on Route 184, in Groton, CT. Final arrangements are in progress. For additional information please email us here ( .

  3. APLS is considering an "OUTDOOR LIGHTHOUSE BENEFIT CONCERT" to be held in the summer of 2002. The featured musician or organizer at the lighthouse benefits concert held this past November has expressed an interest in co-hosting and organizing the summer event. Additional information about this concert will be forthcoming.

  5. The APLS Information Table will be setting up at various locations in the next several months. Locations will be provided upon request.

    Anyone interested in helping out or having any suggestions as to where to set up please feel free to contact APLS. (

Fundraising Items for Sale

The following lighthouse merchandise may be ordered by calling 860-449-1058 or by sending an email to MasterCard and Visa charges are also accepted. All profits go directly toward the restoration effort.

  1. Avery Point Lighthouse Lithograph #1 - By Dan Price signed and numbered (limited edition) lithographs of water color painting of the Avery Point Lighthouse. $25.00 each (plus shipping and handling) (Click Here for Picture)

  3. Avery Point Lighthouse Lithograph #2 - By Gigi Mezzo Genovese signed and numbered (limited edition) lithographs of acrylic painting of the Avery Point Lighthouse. $25.00 each (plus shipping and handling) (Click Here for Picture)

  5. Silk screen T-Shirt - Depicting Connecticut shoreline and its lighthouses. Large picture of the lighthouse in the foreground with the words "Avery Point Lighthouse Groton, Connecticut". Maroon and light blue colored shirts. Sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL. $15.00 each (plus shipping and handling) (Click Here for Picture) (Click Here for Shirt Close-up)

  7. Sand dollar pin - Each individually etched with the Avery Point Lighthouse. $10.00 each (plus shipping and handling) (Click Here for Picture)

  9. Photograph button - 2" - With photograph of Avery Point Lighthouse and words "AVERY POINT LIGHTHOUSE GROTON, CT". $2.00 (plus shipping and handling) (Click Here for Picture)

  11. The Lighthouse Activity Book - by Elinor DeWire. $10.00 each (plus shipping and handling) (Click Here for Picture)

  13. Avery Point Lighthouse Pin - Gold and white, one inch circular metal pin, depicting the lighthouse and containing the words "AVERY POINT LIGHTHOUS, GROTON, CT" . $3.00 each (plus shipping and handling). (Click Here for Picture)

  15. Computer Screen Saver - IBM compatible screen saver depicting twenty-seven lighthouse images. Two of the images are of the Avery Point Lighthouse - one black and white with snow and the second taken in summer time. $12.00 each (plus shipping and handling) (Click Here for Picture)

  17. Postcard - 4.25 in. x 6 in. color postcard of the Avery Point Lighthouse as it stands today. This will be a collector's item once the restoration is complete. $.40 each (plus shipping and handling) (Click Here for Picture)

  19. Avery Point Lighthouse Model - This sculptured model of the Avery Point Lighthouse is approximately 3 inches tall and was produced by Spoontiques. This will also be a collector's item once the lighthouse restoration is complete. $15.00 (plus shipping and handling). (Click Here for Pictures)

Organization Support

Word about APLS continues to spread like wildfire. Partner organizations continue to greatly help our cause. The Lighthouse Store in Mystic, Ken's Tackle Shop in Groton, the Stonington Lighthouse Museum, the Fairwater Store at the Electric Boat Division in Groton, Orsini's Deli in Groton and the University of Connecticut's Co-Op Store at the Avery Point campus in Groton have all been faithful partners in helping us selling our fundraising merchandise and in obtaining signatures on our petitions. Many thanks to all of these wonderful people as well as the many other organizations and individuals who have contributed to our cause.


A number of committees have been formed to help with our organization. Volunteers are needed to assist with these committees.   If you are interested in joining a committee, please email the individuals below.

Jim Streeter
Bob Tellier
Dale Treadway
Chuck Bartnicki

The committees include:

Special Information


Monies for the restoration are being raised through tax deductible donations and APLS memberships (click here). It is estimated that the cost for complete restoration could reach approximately $300,000; however, until the initial engineering study is completed, a more accurate figure will not be available. Contributions and membership application should be forwarded to either of the following:

Avery Point Lighthouse Society
P.O. Box 1552
Groton, CT 06340

American Lighthouse Foundation
Avery Point Fund
P.O. Box 889
Wells, ME 04090


To volunteer for APLS, please contact us through any way listed above or email us here

Thanks for your support!

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